The web-based examination is broach with the development of Internet technology. It has emerged more popular since it aids people to save much energy and time.

RESOLVE ITECH CORP gives an efficient and operative way of teaching and learning through online examination. It is very considerable to succeed time by plummeting the long-lasting process of conducting the examination. Students can get rapid results by automatic evaluation system. A Competitive situation which creates the students for substituting the system and beneficial for students to conduct a paperless examination.

Our company is finest online examination software which favours a mutual package of software applications for Online web-based Test, Offline Exams, Computer Based Test, Centre Based Test and more. The software’s are skilled to respond the endless efforts of the trainers as well as the other employees who are working towards interpretation and innovation of the exam techniques.

It creates, allocates and issues an assessment for the students in a consecutive manner, there is an immediate result without any delay, there is no fault in correction and it is inaccessible in examination system, timer for multiple-choice question, user approachable interference, messaging system and latest updates, alerts, and management of students data.

The reporting system in an online examination is the presentation of the Scholar can be easily patterned and Question management is characterized as subjects, topics and difficulty level. The student performs subject wise performance chart, Time Management, establishing skills, Question Report, Solution, Compare Report, Monthly wise performance, and Exam Wise Performance, Result and Pass certificate. Online exam originator simplifies the estimation process .since creation of question paper also changed simple without outlaying much time and effort.