About Resolve Itech Corp

The Resolve ITECH Corp, a professionally managed ISO 9001:2008, Certified Company with more than three decades of experience in various fields and the fundamental business strategy to build long-term client relationships, now presents a brand new venture, Resolve ITECH Corp.

Resolve ITECH Corp was started in response to ever increasing need of High quality low cost Business Process Outsourcing services at Coimbatore, Tamilnadu. Having seen the need to provide UK, USA and Australia based companies with Call Centre, Service Management and Back Office Solutions, Resolve ITECH Corp was formed.

Our teams at Resolve ITECH Corp draw inspiration from this symbolism in all service realms for global enterprise partners. In our role as a responsible delivery centre for outsourced processes, we seek to provide:

  • Flexibility across various operational scenarios.
  • Efficiency in productivity athwart business functions outsourced to us.
  • Relevancy across domains and verticals in our pursuit to be a leading generic BPO.

Outsourcing services are designed to create synergies with your business model and build an extension arm of your operations. We do not second guess our clients- we accept their business philosophy as our own.

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What We Do

Located at Coimbatore, Resolve is a client-aligned software and custom development companionship. Our attributes join together and harmonize each other. The sum of the component parts of our software solution is user friendly for our clients to access. By applying current design ideology, in combination with the most up-to-date in cloud, mobile, and desktop technologies, we create customized solutions that unite co-workers with each other and clients with their consumers, make simpler and we pick up the pace business processes with lower costs.

  • Wide-ranging familiarity in Websites, Applications, Databases, and Mobile Applications.
  • Our confirmed proficiency across software development platforms, frameworks, & technologies.
  • Quality disclosure to widespread client IT requirements.
  • A well-established offshore improvement company with a high-tech facility.
  • Time-bound updating and expertise with the latest technology iterations and concepts.
  • Quality reassurance mechanisms.
  • Robust protection and support.