Visitor management in supports stalking the habit of a public building or site. By joining cumulative amounts of information, a Visitor Management System can record the customs of the facilities by specific visitors and delivers documentation of visitor’s whereabouts. Visitor management system work linked to the web-based system only differences is broadcaster get real-time notification or alert on their device and they can further permit based on their interest or availability. Visitor management system is a computer-based application, accomplishes a large number of visitors in an arena. Modern systems are progressive and technological driven mechanics. The visitor management system provides let the users buy an annual maintenance contract.

RESOLVE ITECH CORP visitor management software is a network-based or web-based visitor management system accessible as a service. Visitor management software is to awning visitors upon entrance, often checking for sex offender status, and limit the access to an unauthorized person. The company has some Prompt Host Notifications such as Customized Check-in Process, Digital Document Signature, Detailed Reports, and Visitor Insights, Messaging for Teams, Security Alert (SOS) and Visitor Verification through the phone number.

The holder gets a notification on his smartphone displaying the visitor’s mobile no., name & the photo just clicked. The chief person has a choice to accept the visitor, reject the visitor, speak with the visit or send a message to the visitor. The complete work of visitor management look like Preregistration and invitation, Day of visit, after the visit, etc.., as electronic visitor management systems become more mutual and more powerful, these systems are enterprises over many of the functions of building security. Visitors include clients, employees, manager and sometimes completely unidentified person.