A web-based virtual classroom is an online classroom which allows the students to interact with fellow contestants through videos or presentation and also involves with group work. It is can be stated as a conventional classroom or training room. Here trainers or guides and the students face to face meet through digital technological devices.

In RESOLVE ITECH CORP events like brainstorming, discussion and understanding undergoes in-class time, the usual test takes place before the beginning of the class, students report and feedback are exposed after the session. The aids of online mode coaching distance education are uncovered face to face and clearly. Virtual classroom software is designated as technology tools, medium or platform facilitating the delivery & consumption of e-Learningcontent.The staffs of the virtual classroom are well trained and experienced in the theme and it is that they are well proficient in the online classroom and also promote areas, connect partners and develop the company.

The classroom can be retrieved without downloading any attachments such as java and flash. The online classroom is interconnected with the functionality of the website such as content management system and other system used in the company which permits the learners to appear live classes by using their smartphones or tablets, etc.

RESOLVE ITECH CORP supports the learners engagement by textual communication, interactive session and quizzes. It bids more comforts than a traditional classroom . In this, both the tutor and pupils have rich experience of cooperating with other learners and instructors from around the world. Since they attain more knowledge on the subject. The trainers, vendors, partners, and clients meet in real-time. We can organize the training even when the sponsors are on the move. They can access the eLearning material and join the live session from their mobile phones, tablets or laptops. The RESOLVE ITECH CORP has high significant video conferencing, secure live streaming, server-side recording, concerted code editor, well-versed administration, etc.