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Today’s life is very difficult to survive without using mobile phones or other wireless devices not only personal even many companies or enterprises expanding Smartphone’s solutions or personal digital assistant for immediate access to real-time business.  The enterprise-wide use of mobile applications gives employees the opportunity to access information easily.

In Resolve I-tech Corp, The mobile to enterprise software is a good trend which will come up slowly with enterprise resources planning system. The mobile computer is also introduced to make the work simpler and quickly which is easily portable, wireless too. Person digital assistance is managed by the mobile computer which is pocket-size it may be a touch screen user interface.The mobile computer is more useful in saving a huge amount of time when used to increase the growth of a business largely.

The mobile application is mostly used for

  • Sales & Marketing Campaigns
  • Client Support Systems
  • ERP Systems
  • Lead Management Systems
  • Customer Relationship Management(CRM)
  • Automated Billing Software
  • Sales Reporting Software

Our teams are consist of mobile software developers well versed in development standards, best practice methods and all of the most popular cutting edge raising platform and technologies.  The necessary functions for the mobile computing, and the concept of this computer-aided engineering system and this paper describes the structure of the system and the outline of the subsystem: Inspection System, Checklist and Reference System, Position Check System, and Progress Monitoring System.

Mobile application and personal digital assistants are very helpful for the clients as well as the employees of RESOLVE ITECH CORP in data organization, telephone calls like transferring information easily.  The projects in Mobile Technologies, need resources with Mobile Application development skills is done.  It needs well-skilled employees, trained, experience in the field.Our company is well developed in this area since we and our customer get more benefit in this.


Android apps can be written using Java, and C++ languages. Its operating system is a multi-user Linux system in which each application has various users. In default, the system assigns each application a unique Linux user ID.

Android application is written using java programming language where the APK file is considered to be one application is the file which is used to install the android application. In this Each process has its own virtual machine (VM), so an application’s code moves in isolation from other applications and every application runs in its own Linux process. Android starts the process when any of the application’s components need to be executed, then shuts down the process when it’s no longer needed or when the system must recover memory for other applications

In Resolve I-tech Corp has many ways of application to share the data and access the system services. An application can request permission to access each other’s files. The core work of the components that define your application. The organized file in which you agree with components and it requires device features for your application. A source that is isolated from the application code and permits your application to elegant optimize its behaves for a different device configurations.

The application components are

  • Activity
  • Services
  • Content providers
  • Broadcast receivers


Activity is based on a single screen with the user interface. The can show the list of email with another activity that composing the mail it works together and combing one by one. Activity is implemented with the subclass of activity to guide the developer.


Service is a component in which moves as a background to perform long-running operations for a remote process. It can create data over the network without blocking user interaction with the activity.


A content provider manages to share the set of application data through the content provider the other can clarify their doubt.Android application provides the content to manage the user’s contact detail.


Broadcast receivers are to respond to worldwide broadcast system announcement.  Broadcast is implemented as the broadcast cast receiver has to deliver as an intent object.


Business software or APPLICATION is any software or bundle of computer programs used by the users to do various business functions. This kind of applications is used to raises productivity, to measure productivity and to perform other business functions accurately.

The business application helps in optimizing external and internal progressing requirement of a business. The services provide professional adept in guiding clients to achieve their goals. In Resolve I-tech Corp business application development customized application is on standardized technology some system like performance tracking, a report analyzing is done here. Our services provide a lot of care and clarity in the mind of business we ensure the best quality by checking their functionality or development of a respective application.

Software applications can be stand-alone modules or part of a large system such as enterprise resources planning, which integrates multiple applications sharing one bundle of data. The applications are generally easier to implement and start using, but add difficulty when we want to share information or report from an organization management point of view because data will need to be gathered and transformed to a single format.

Hiring business application services not only save the time it consumes money too. The IT services support the work .in this sector each employee needs about the five-year experience.The product and the software developers are expert in the application .the  misunderstanding in the software development regarding the cost-effective production or quality of the outsourcing services.

In RESOLVE ITECH CORP has an application which is interactive.The common types of business software which are used word processing programs, accounts software, billing software, payroll software, database software, asset management software, desktop publishing programs. Then it helps in creating a business application by using grouping patterns in Data Management Portal, application descriptors and grouping patterns which are created with charging java application programming interface and loaded by the bulk load program.


Maintenance Management is about maintaining the resources of the company in which production moves effectively and where the money is not wasted on inefficiency. There are various software programs that assist with the process and there are a few objectives in which the manager should carry out the needs. Maintenance management is vital in a company and it partially determines the long-term success of the company because poorly maintained resources can bring operations to a halt, and could cause the company to lose money.

In RESOLVE ITECH CORP the maintenance management application places a well-versed role the manager has a deep understanding of the company’s processes and knows about the processes is the most important success of the company. This knowledge will help the employees schedule as repairs in order of priority and will locate the resources first to the maintenance activities. The company is more responsible regarding scheduling, costs, and regulatory compliance.

The main work of maintenance management applications are

  • Cost control and budgeting
  • Scheduling work and allocating resources
  • Compliance with regulations


The most important objective of maintenance management works with a fixed budget that is set by the company. They need to find the best way to allocate this budget to the different parts of the maintenance department’s costs and find a way to make everything work.


Scheduling and allocating the resources of time and labor to the most productive uses. An employee needs to have an intimate understanding of the company works to move schedule correctly, as well as help them to decide the priority levels of various activities. The staffs need to know which activities to prioritize for the optimal outcome.


Compliance with regulations is that the Maintenance tasks must be conducted in a manner that complies with regulations at all levels, involving at the local, state and federal levels. It may be a cheaper solution on the way to assign one employee to piece equipment, even though the law states that two employees should be assigned to that equipment for safety reasons.

The purpose of maintenance management is to optimize the performance of productive facilities of a company by ensuring that these facilities function regularly and smooth fully. This can be achieved by preventing failures or breakdowns.


Warehouse management system (WMS) is a software application which guides control and manages the everyday operations in a warehouse. Warehouse management system software helps inventory receiving and begins a way for optimizing, picking and shipping of orders and advises on inventory replacement. It provides simple functions which are mostly through the storage location information and its practices in a pick, pack and ship functionality to complicated programs coordinating advanced interactions with material-handling devices and yard management.

The aim of warehouse management system software is to achieve a paperless environment that directs your employees automatically on the optimal picking, put-away, and shipping of the product.

There are several types of warehouse management most popular are



A standalone warehouse management system is a typical on-premises type system which is deployed taking place in the native hardware and network of the business. Most WMS systems are different from the standalone packages that must be integrated with the rest of your business management software. While the integration of external programs can work, the process is often filled with challenges such as duplicate data entry, information delays which interface issues and customization expenses.


A cloud warehouse management is web-based software as a service WHICH IS USED FOR model utilizing enterprise cloud technology. It consists of flexibility, disaster recovery, scalability, and security. The cloud-based system offers users the ability to receive automatic software updates without additional capital expenditures, providing better technology competitiveness.


Warehouse management that is built into their enterprise’s resources planning solution. This solution provides implanted accounting, marketing price, and shipping management with no messy non-real-time interfaces.  Enterprises resources planning are hosting model and which takes into consideration before deciding what deployment option is best for the business.

In RESOLVE ITECH CORP has special features like Reduced fulfillment time, Increased inventory accuracy, Improved customer service, Greater space utilization, Increased warehouse productivity and Reduced labor cost etc., The company is empowered because of Software fit and functionality , Purchase agreement , Implementation and training, Backup & redundancy, Customization Software update control ,Data access and ownership. A warehouse management system automates the difficult process eliminating the need for paper documents that are bulky, which swallow quite a huge lot of money because of purchasing them and storing them appropriately as well as the customer needs are also satisfied.


Materials management is the process which combines the flow of supplies through and out of an organization to achieve a level of service which assures that the right materials are available at the correct place at the time in the perfect quantity and quality and at the good cost. It includes the functions of procurement, materials handling and storage, production and inventory control, packaging, transport, and associated information systems and their application throughout the supply, manufacturing service and distribution sectors.

Material Management is responsible for purchasing the highest quality equipment and products at the lowest possible cost for the organization and which helps in a low profile of the department of maintaining to curtail costs, as the organization could go making a profit.

The checking, inspection, quality control functions of material management.

The activities are the flow of Materials requisition from the user department to Purchase, floating tenders, receiving quotations, making comparative charts, receiving goods at Stores, documentation at Stores, inspection and approval/rejection of goods, storage at the right bins, issuing against requisitions.

In RESOLVE ITECH CORP   has an objective as end-user satisfaction at the minimum cost of ownership, inventory minimization shall release the capital tied-up affecting the profitability increase. The handling materials and services for business are in the most excellent manner as to provide services at a well-versed service level to its customers at an effective cost to the clients.   The company is good at Planning, Organizing & Control of the flow of materials, from their initial purchase to destination. It starts from the initial stage when materials enter the premises of a service company. The requirement, procurement, receiving, controlling, stacking the materials and it crosses many ups-down of the companies. The material manager should assure the smooth flow of supply of raw materials from suppliers and which would affect the growth of production which can eventually increase the operating costs and also increases the unit production cost.

Enterprise resources planning software plays a crucial role in material management.  It ensures that the production operations are planned & scheduled in which the only can bare minimum discovery is used and which makes it possible by integrating the warehouse with production and delivery schedules,  the manufacturers know how much is in stock, and use only as much material as required without wasting any of them. Enterprises resources planning  acts material requirement planning software, bringing to the system numerous benefits such as better material control, inventory optimization, increased material quality, cost reduction, etc.