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Knowledge Process Outsourcing

Knowledge process outsourcing is a process that demands knowledge-related and information-related work. KPO services are high-end activity that involves highly skilled staff to carry out high-value work.

Our KPO services are provided with talented work force, confidentiality, infrastructure and high quality standards. The major benefits of KPO Services are cost reduction, skilled man power and they help to improve the business market, enhances organizational effectiveness.

Data Processing & Management Services

Data processing is a critical activity in an organization. It's a time consuming activity and needs to be accurate. So many organizations outsource their Data processing and management activity.

We offer excellent data processing and management services at affordable rates. With a team of data entry specialists, we are able to perform error-free data management services.

Our Data processing and management service includes:

  • Data Maintenance
  • Data Entry
  • Data Processing
  • Data Conversion
  • Data Mining
  • Data Cleansing
  • New Database Creation

Data Research & Analysis

Data Research and Analysis are a process of gathering, analyzing, transforming the data into a required format. Data analysis is outsourced to collect more information or knowledge for various business approaches. The main advantage of the data analysis is to focus on business information and helps them to classify the information according to their business needs.

Data analysis services include:

  • Data Research
  • Data Mining
  • Data Cleaning
  • Data Integration
  • Improving Quality of Data

Content Management services

Content development is an essential marketing strategy that helps a company in its promotional campaigns. Content is what makes it a complete film and developing content is exactly what is needed by companies to spread word about their business. Most CMS include Web-based publishing, format management, revision control (version control), indexing, search, and retrieval. It serves as a central repository containing documents, movies, pictures, phone numbers, and scientific data. CMSs can be used for storing, controlling, revising, semantically enriching and publishing documentation.

Web content management system (WCMS)

A web content management system is a bundled or stand-alone application to create, manage, store and deploy content on Web pages.

Component content management system (CCMS)

A (CCMS) specializes in the creation of documents from component parts. For example, a CCMS that uses DITA XML enables users to assemble individual component topics into a map (document) structure. These components can be reused (rather than copied and pasted) within another document or across multiple documents. This ensures that content is consistent across the entire documentation set.

Enterprise content management systems

An enterprise content management system (ECM) organizes documents, contacts and records related to the processes of a commercial organization. It structures the enterprise's information content and file formats, manages locations, streamlines access by eliminating bottlenecks and optimizes security and integrity.

Management Training

Industrial training is provided by the organizations to enhance the performance of its employees, to acquire knowledge and skills to the meet the changes and challenges in the competitive world. Training for specific skill sets, workforce management and behavioural training are usually outsourced. Training is outsourced to save training costs, concentrate on core competencies etc.

We offer industrial training outsourcing that increases your Business's productivity, Employees team spirit, Organizational culture, Quality standards and spirits.